Our Services

We offer first class assistance

Web Design

Gain more customers and clients with a perfect website. Our Web Designers will bring live to your

Web Development

Tyrotech provides a total package of website development and helps you in boosting your business through the internet.

Graphic Design

Tyrotech takes pride in having the best designers. We design your thoughts on paper or screen with a touch of perfection.

App Development

We will develop your mobile app on cross platforms (Android & iOS) using the latest web

IT Consultancy

Tyrotech Limited offers IT consultancy solutions to firms and individuals. We have the right answers to your questions.

Business Strategist

Turn that amazing Tech Idea into a feasible business. Tyrotech will guide you from the conception stage till the business stage.

Trust & Safety

As always, we provide the best for you!

At Tyrotech Limited, our clients come first. We have your best interest at heart. We streamline our services and mode of operation to suite your needs. We understand and protect your idea!


Technical Skills

We have the best developers in our employ. From Websites to Web Apps and Mobile Apps, we will deliver just the perfect job you need.



At Tyrotech, we understand the maximum safety of our client's data and we maintain a high level of non-discolsure. Your work is strictly between you and Tyrotech.



We provide you with various options that suite your needs ranging from full payments to installments.


24/7 Customer Support

We are always here for you. We provide 24 hours support to our clients. Feel free to say Hi by 2am.

Steps To Rent A Website

Follow these steps to rent a website!



Describe the exact site you want to build. Eg: Delivery Site, Company Profile Site, Ecommerce Site, etc.


Provisional Info

Provide the necessary information needed ranging from descriptions to pictures.


Choose Your Domain

Choose your domain name and confirm its availability.



Negotiate your monthly payment with Tyrotech. There's normally a fixed rate for some site categories.



We will build and deploy your website.



Pay monthly for your website.